Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes

At Swim ‘N Fun, we know that maintaining a pool can be a time-consuming task. Keeping a pool sparkling blue and healthy requires work.

Here are 10 common mistakes that pool owners make:

1.Not brushing the pool – Pools need to be brushed in order to prevent buildup of algae, clean off grime, and to eliminate contaminants. Brush your pool every week or more often if needed

2.Not testing the pool water enough – Water needs to be tested weekly to make sure that all of the pool chemicals are balanced. By testing weekly, you can pinpoint any potential problems and act on them quickly

3.Running the pool filter less than eight hours a day – Make sure that the pool filtration system is running at least eight hours a day so that all of the water will have time to circulate through the system

4.Failing to clean the pool’s filter – The filter needs to be clean in order to keep your pool healthy. You don’t want a clogged filter since it could wear down your equipment

5.Backwashing the pool filter too often – A pool filter actually functions better when there is a bit of dirt in it. The gunk helps the filter capture smaller particles. Check the pressure gauge to make sure that your filter is running efficiently before backwashing it

6.Adding shock directly into the pool – Pre-dissolve the pool shock in a bucket of water before shocking the pool. This way the shock can circulate through the pool water more evenly. Dissolving it also helps to prevent staining

7.Adding chlorine or shock during the day – If you add chlorine or shock to your pool during the day, then you are wasting chemicals. The sun will burn it up quickly. Add the majority of your chlorine and shock to the pool at night time in order to maximize effectiveness

8.Ignoring pH and Alkalinity levels – A pool needs to have a balanced pH level in order to remain healthy

9.Ignoring calcium hardness – Calcium hardness can have an effect on your pool. Too high of a level leads to calcium buildup which can make your pool dirty and clog equipment with scaling. It will also cloud the water in your pool and make the chlorine ineffective

10. Trying to correct an algae problem with an automatic pool cleaner – Using an automatic pool cleaner to fix your algae problem is a mistake. The cleaner will just push debris and algae up and clog the mesh bag. It will just spread the algae around the pool. Instead, use a manual pool vacuum

Are you tired of maintaining your pool? Are you ready to relax in your own personal oasis without the hassle of cleaning it?

Swim ‘N Fun offers weekly pool maintenance for our customers and no contract is required.

Take the burden of pool maintenance off of your shoulders and let our experienced pool technicians service your pool. Our pool cleaning techs are professional, experienced and ready to help keep your pool clean!

For more information on our weekly pool service and how we can help, please give us a call at 407-699-5588 or fill out our online form at and we will reach out to you.

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