rain water hitting swimming pool

Did you know rain can upset the chemistry of your pool water?

Ah, summer time is almost here! While the weather is heating up, more and more people are spending time in their pools. About this time of year Central Florida starts prepping for its daily thunderstorms and heavy downpours.

Rain water has the potential to dilute a pool’s alkalinity level. This combined with a low pH in pools can really be a problem for your pool’s water. We recommend the moment you notice the color of your pool water starting to change, even just a tint of color change, to bring us a water sample. We offer free water testing in our store and can recommend a full range of BioGuard products to remove algae and maintain your water’s alkalinity level.

After a storm has passed, follow these steps to keep your pool clean and healthy:

•Remove any debris that might have blown into the pool such as twigs and leaves with a net or vacuum
•Clean out the baskets, leaves and debris can clog the water flow
•Brush the sides of the pool and the steps
•Test the chemistry of the water – bring us a water sample
•Often times, pH levels have dropped so you may need to add chemicals to get your pH level back to normal
•Chlorine might need to be added along with shock

Swim ‘N Fun has a wide variety of pool chemicals in store to maintain your water quality. With the heat and humidity that comes with Florida, coupled with afternoon showers, your pool can quickly turn all shades of green. Our staff is readily available to test your water and make recommendations on which products to treat with. Pool owners will find a variety of treatments for both chlorine and sale water pools.

If you haven’t stopped by our retail store located at 1315 Tuskawilla Road in Winter Springs, Florida we invite you to stop by. In addition to our free water testing and treatment solutions we also offer pool heaters, pool vacuums, nets and brushes, inflatable pool toys, rafts, pool noodles, dive toys, beach balls, goggles and masks. For those who like to barbeque we are proud to offer the Big Green Egg and Green Mountain Pellet Grill. The Big Green Egg is considered the best ceramic grill for grilling, smoking, and baking. Use the Green Mountain Pellet grill by filling the hopper with pellets and flipping the switch. The sensor guarantees accurate temperature control and the pellets produce robust and natural flavors.

We are a full-service pool company serving Central Florida since 1986. We are open Monday through Friday from 9am until 6pm, Saturday from 9am until 5pm and on Sunday from 9:30am until 4:30pm. We look forward to helping you with all of your pool needs!

22 Apr 2021

Pool Games

child floating in inflatable ring

Turn Your Pool Toys Into Pool Games!

Swim ‘N Fun carries a wide array of pool toys such as inflatable rafts, inflatable tubes, inflatable ride-ons, dive toys, pool noodles, and beach balls. While pool toys are entertaining, you can have even more fun by utilizing your pool toys in pool games such as:

1. Raft Battle:
The players float around the pool on their rafts. The goal of the game is to push the other player off of his/her raft. Last player on the raft wins.

2. Jousting with Pool Noodles:
Each player sits atop a raft while holding a pool noodle. Then, each player tries to knock the other player off of his/her raft with the pool noodle (similar to jousting on a horse)

3. Catch While Riding a Pool Noodle:
Every player straddles a pool noodle. They then toss a beach ball back and forth. The goal of the game is stay on the noodle while catching and throwing the ball. Last person still on their noodle wins.

4. Beach Ball Race:
Each player has a beach ball. They must push the beach ball from one end of the pool to the other while keeping their hands on the beach ball (no throwing allowed). For even more fun, have the kids push the beach balls with their noses, no hands allowed.

5. Raft Relay:
Must have a minimum of two players to play but the more the merrier. You need 2 rafts or floats. Each player races on their raft/float from one side of the pool to the other and back. When they get back to their starting point, they tag the next player and that player takes the raft/float and races to the end and back. Play continues until one team finishes first.

6. Whack-a-Wet-Mole:
You need a pool noodle and a variety of inflatables. One player holds the pool noodle while the other players stand a few feet away from them (in the shallow end of the pool). Then, each player bobs up and down in the water while holding their inflatable as the player holding the pool noodle tries to whack them gently on the head. This is similar to the arcade game, “Whack-a-mole”. Last player that gets whacked wins.

7. Float Tag:
Each player has a float, raft, tube, or noodle. One person is “it”. The other players try to evade “it” all while dragging their own floatie through the water. The players try to get to safety (which is a designated safe raft/float) in order to stay safe. Last person tagged wins.

8. Beach Ball Squirt Race:
Each person has a beach ball and a water squirter. Players must move their beach ball from one side of the pool to the other just by using the water from their water squirter. No hands allowed. First player to reach the other side of the pool wins.

9. Tug-O-Noodle:
You need one pool noodle and at least 4 people. Divide the players into teams. Each team stands on one side with the pool noodle between them. Then, use the pool noodle like a rope and play tug-of-war.

10. Dive:
Divide the players into teams. Throw a variety of dive sticks into the pool. Each player then must dive in and retrieve their item from the bottom of the pool. The player then returns with their item to their team and tags the next player. This continues until one team has retrieved all of the dive sticks.

Swim ‘N Fun is a full-service pool company located in Winter Springs, Florida. We have been serving Central Florida since 1986 and offer weekly pool maintenance, equipment repairs, and a retail store. Find all of your pool supply needs in our retail store. We carry pool chemicals, pool cleaners, filter cartridges, the Big Green Egg, pool accessories such as pool toys, and more! Click here to see our monthly specials.

We are open Monday through Friday from 9am until 6pm, Saturday from 9am until 5pm and on Sunday from 9:30am until 4:30pm. For more information, please call us at 407-699-1952.
Enjoy your pool and have fun in sun!

29 Mar 2021

Pool Safety

2 children swimming wearing life jackets with parents in background

Summer is quickly approaching and backyard swimming pools will be open! Swim ‘N Fun wants you to enjoy your pool while also keeping children safe. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the leading cause for death in children between 1 and 4 years old is drowning.

Swim ‘N Fun offers these safety tips to help protect children:

•Always watch children near water including by pools and hot tubs
•Teach your child how to swim and know how to swim yourself
•Utilize the buddy system. No one should ever swim alone
•When there is a group of people such as a party or family get together, a water watcher should be assigned. The water watcher should completely focus on those swimming in the pool without distractions such as cell phones, alcohol, or conversations. All adults should take a turn.
•Never leave a child unattended in or near water
•Remove pool toys from the pool when you are finished with them so they are not a temptation for a child
•The only safe personal flotation device for a child that can’t swim, is a device that is approved by the US Coast Guard (a lifejacket). Do not rely on water wings, floaties, or pool noodles as flotation devices. These items are strictly pool toys
•Know CPR
•Always have a phone available
•Learn the signs of drowning

Do you know the signs of drowning?

•Drowning is silent
•A person drowning is vertical or bobbing in the water with the head going up and down
•Arms may be extended laterally
•The head may be low in the water with the mouth at water level
•The head can be tilted back with the mouth open
•Eyes may be closed, glassy, empty, or unable to focus
•Gasping or hyperventilating

With summer quickly approaching pool safety is vitally important. Swim ‘N Fun wants you and your family to enjoy your own pool or that of a friend or family member all while staying safe.
Swim ‘N Fun is a full-service pool company that has been serving Central Florida since 1986. Our Winter Springs pool store is family owned and operated. We pride ourselves on providing friendly customer service, top quality products, and swimming pool maintenance and repair that you can count on.

We offer pool maintenance, equipment repair and a retail store that’s worth a visit! We have free in store lab water testing along with all of the pool supplies that you may need. We have pool chemicals, pool accessories, pool toys, and we also sell the Big Green Egg and Green Mountain Grill.

We are located at 1315 Tuskawilla Road in Winter Springs, Florida. For any more information, please call us at 407-699-1952. For repairs, please call 407-699-5588. We look forward to serving you!