algae in a swimming pool

Summer is prime pool weather! Between the kids being out of school, parties, celebrations, barbecues, and those long summer days, your pool is being enjoyed often. While it is wonderful to host gatherings, to let the kids cool off, or to just relax in the pool after a hard day of work, it can be time consuming to keep your pool sparkling blue. Add in the daily afternoon rain showers and the scorching heat and you could have a recipe for a chemically unbalanced and green pool.

Various factors can contribute to an unhealthy pool. Factors such as:
• Rain – Daily Florida rainstorms can upset the chemistry of the swimming pool. Rainwater is acidic and reduces the pH levels in a pool. This in turn could result in the chlorine and alkalinity levels going low. This could cause cloudy water, calcium buildup, and increase bacteria growth. High water levels could also cover the skimmer opening which means that debris won’t be able to get into the skimmer and will stay in the pool.

• Sun – On the flip side, scorching temperatures can lower the level of water in the pool. Low water levels could cause damage to your pool equipment such as burning out your pool pump motor. Low water levels could also lead to inadequate water circulation. The sun can also breakdown chlorine levels. This could cause an increase in bacteria in the pool.

• Algae – Algae can build up and multiply quickly in the summer. The summer rains and the sun soaking up all of the chemicals in the pool is a perfect recipe to form algae. Keeping the chemicals balanced in your swimming pool helps prevent algae from forming.

• Travel – Your summer vacation could leave your pool in a lurch. While you are gone enjoying your down time, your pool is being neglected. Florida weather can be brutal in the summer. This means that your pool needs to be regularly maintained in order to keep the chemicals at a consistent level.
As you can see, maintaining a pool can be time consuming and hard work. Especially with the challenges that Florida summers provide. Isn’t it time for you to relax and leave the hard work to us? Swim ‘N Fun offers weekly pool maintenance to keep your pool the perfect oasis.

Our expert pool maintenance technicians will maintain your pool by:
• Testing the pool water
• Balancing the water chemistry
• Skimming the pool
• Brushing the pool walls
• Emptying the baskets
• Checking the pool equipment to ensure it is running properly
• Vacuuming the pool as needed
• Cleaning or backwashing the pool filter as needed
• Notifying you if there are any issues

Swim ‘N Fun will keep your pool sparkling clean and healthy all year long! We are here to help by keeping your pool chemicals perfectly balanced, your pool algae free, and your water healthy for swimmers. What are you waiting for? Rely on the experts of Swim ‘N Fun. Get started today by calling us at 407-699-5588.
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