high level of water in a pool

Owning an inground swimming pool in Florida offers relaxation and opportunities for entertaining, but it also comes with unique challenges, especially during our abnormally wet winter we are experiencing. While we often focus on the perils of low water levels and evaporation, the dangers of high water levels in your pool can also cause significant problems. Maintaining the right water level in your Florida pool is crucial to the safety and longevity of your investment.

Excessively high water levels can disrupt the hydraulic balance of your pool. Proper water circulation is essential for the efficiency of the filtration system, appropriate chemical distribution, and overall pool functionality.

Pool skimmers play a pivotal role in keeping the water clean by removing debris. However, when water levels are too high, skimmers become less effective. The skimmer door may not function correctly, allowing debris to escape back into the pool. Have you noticed your water is cloudier than normal? Compromised skimmer efficiency can lead to cloudy water, increased chemical consumption to maintain the proper balance, and the need for more frequent cleanings.

Did you know that your pool structure can be at risk with a higher than average water level? High water levels can also exert excessive pressure on the pool structure, including the walls and surrounding surfaces. The added stress can weaken the structural integrity over time, potentially leading to cracks, leaks, and other costly damages. Regularly monitoring and maintaining the appropriate water level helps preserve the longevity of your pool investment.

If you live in Florida, you know heavy rainfall during the rainy season is not uncommon and can come in short downpours or over several days. If your pool’s water level is already high, heavy rains can make the situation worse, leading to potential flooding around the pool area. Pool equipment, such as pumps and filters, can be damaged by flooding and require costly repairs or replacements.

If your pool is up to its brim, it may be time to get rid of excess water. Extra water in your pool will cause your water chemistry to be out of balance. High water levels can dilute the chemicals, making it challenging to maintain the ideal pH, chlorine, and alkalinity levels. This imbalance not only affects water quality but also poses health risks for swimmers.

Pools with consistently high water levels can add additional expenses to operating costs. Inefficient skimming, compromised filtration, and poor water circulation all add to higher energy consumption. With all the work you do to keep your expenses down, don’t let incorrect water levels raise your expenses.

From a safety perspective, high water levels can obscure the visibility of the pool’s bottom, making it challenging to identify potential hazards or submerged objects increasing accident and injury risk. If you can’t see the bottom of your pool clearly, stay out of it and call us for assistance.

Maintaining the right water level in your Florida pool is a delicate balancing act. While too low water levels can lead to equipment damage and compromised water quality, excessively high water levels present their own set of challenges. Regular monitoring, proper skimmer maintenance, and timely adjustments are essential for ensuring your pool remains safe, enjoyable, and cost-effective.

Owning a pool in Florida is not one that you can “set it and forget it”. It is more than enjoyable during our hot Florida summers, but owning a swimming pool does require year round attention. By staying proactive and investing in regular professional inspections, you can address common issues quickly. We are more than happy to help in these areas.

Swim ‘N Fun is fully licensed and insured and has been serving Central Florida since 1986. Our pool company is ready to help you with any pool repairs that you may need such as repairing a broken pool pump, pool filter, pool vacuum, pool filtration system or pool lights. Our pool technicians will arrive at your home in our fully stocked service trucks. They will evaluate the problem and then make the repair(s). Many times, an extensive or expensive pool repair is not needed. No job is too big or too small!

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