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In the sunshine state of Florida, where balmy weather and stunning landscapes beckon residents outdoors year-round, the allure of a poolside retreat is undeniable. Yet, for those seeking to elevate their outdoor living experience to new heights we recommend a pool enclosure or lanai. Although our team at Swim ‘N Fun does not install screen enclosures we do highly recommend them so you as the pool owner can protect your pool investment. Your pool will stay leaf and pollen free much longer with a screened in lanai!

Keeping Nature Out of Your Pool:
The seasonal shedding of leaves and the release of pollen can pose a challenge for pool owners seeking to maintain crystal clear water quality. A lanai provides a natural barrier against debris, effectively keeping leaves, pollen, and other forms of nature from contaminating the pool water. With a screened-in design, a lanai acts as a protective shield, allowing residents to enjoy their pool without the hassle of constant cleaning out leaves and more.

Keeping Out Alligators and Other Critters:
While Florida’s diverse ecosystem is teeming with wildlife, encounters with unwelcome visitors such as alligators and other critters is not fun, particularly for pool owners with young children or pets. A lanai serves as a secure enclosure, preventing access to the pool area by unwanted guests both human and animal. If you live close to another body of water, you might want to consider adding reinforced screens and secure entry points, to create another barrier to keep alligators, snakes, and other critters out.

Preserving Pool Chemicals and Water Quality:
In addition to providing shelter from the elements and enhancing privacy, a lanai plays a crucial role in preserving pool chemicals and maintaining water quality. This is probably the most important reason to enclose your pool with a screen. By shielding the pool from direct sunlight and exposure to the elements, a lanai helps prevent the rapid dissipation of chlorine and other chemicals, ensuring that they remain effective in sanitizing the water. A covered lanai can also reduce evaporation, minimizing the loss of water and helping to conserve resources. With its protective canopy, a lanai also keeps rainwater out of the pool, which prevents chemical dilution and can help you maintain optimal water balance.

Ideal Temperature, year round:
There’s nothing worse than jumping into your pool on a hot day hoping for it to cool you down and finding the water warm. A lanai acts as a natural insulator that helps regulate the temperature of the pool water. By shielding the pool from direct sunlight and exposure to the elements, a lanai helps prevent rapid heat loss, keeping the water at a comfortable temperature even during the hottest days of summer. Additionally, during cooler months, a lanai helps retain heat generated by pool heaters, allowing residents to extend the swimming season and enjoy their pool year-round. With its ability to maintain optimal water temperature, a lanai ensures that your pool remains a welcoming oasis of relaxation and recreation in every season.

Prolong the life of pool equipment:
The investment in pool equipment is significant and protecting it from the harsh elements is crucial to prolonging its lifespan. A lanai adds another layer to safeguard pool equipment such as pumps, filters, and heaters from exposure to sun, rain, and debris. By providing a covered environment, a lanai helps mitigate the wear and tear caused by prolonged exposure to the elements, thereby extending the life of pool equipment and reducing the need for costly repairs and replacements.

While we at Swim N Fun are not contractors and do not build lanais, we can honestly tell you it’s a great way to protect your pool investment and make your pool water treatments last longer.

About Swim N Fun:
Owning an inground pool in Central Florida comes with unique challenges due to Florida’s extreme heat in the summer months. By staying proactive and investing in regular maintenance, pool owners can address common issues quickly to keep their pools in the best shape all year. Regular professional inspections, prompt repairs, and the use of quality materials are key to preserving the integrity and longevity of inground pools in the Sunshine State.

Swim ‘N Fun is fully licensed and insured and has been serving Central Florida since 1986. Our pool company is ready to help you with any pool repairs that you may need such as repairing a broken pool pump, pool filter, pool vacuum, pool filtration system or pool lights. Our pool technicians will arrive at your home in our fully stocked service trucks. They will evaluate the problem and then make the repair. Many times, an extensive or expensive pool repair is not needed. No job is too big or too small!

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