person cleaning a pool

When looking for a pool service contractor, here are some things to keep in mind.

Pool owners should always hire a reputable pool service contractor with experience working on your type of pool. They should also ask for references and read reviews online before choosing to hire a company and be prepared to evaluate after the first few services.

Ask about their experience.
A good pool service contractor will have extensive experience working with your type of pool. Some pool companies focus only on inground pools, some focus solely on leak detection and maintenance, others like Swim N Fun provide comprehensive pool maintenance. Figure out what you are looking for in a pool service company and then match your needs with a reputable company.

Look at their credentials.
Once you’ve narrowed down your search to a few companies, the very next item on your list, even before checking reviews, should be to make sure they have the proper certification and licenses. A good pool service company has extensive training for their technicians and has the proper coverage to handle the chemicals. In Florida, this is a Certified Pool/Spa Contractor license from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. A licensed person or company has completed the required education, experience, insurance and qualifications to obtain a license and has passed a two-part competency test. Before hiring any pool service contractor, check the status of their licensure at

Review their insurance coverage.
Pool service contractors and pool service companies should have insurance that cover people, property and operations. You can learn more about what kind of insurance they carry by asking them and you can also request a copy of their insurance coverage if they don’t offer it at your initial meeting or have it available online. It’s important to make sure they have enough coverage to protect themselves against any accidents that might occur while they are working on your property. If you hire a pool service contractor who does not offer liability insurance, you will need to purchase additional coverage through your insurance company, which may mean you could pay more money out of pocket when there is an accident.

Check out their reviews online.
Once you have verified the pool service contractor or pool service company has the required experience, licensures, and insurance coverage, now is the time to start learning more about what their customers think about their work. You can look for reviews on their social media pages, testimonials on their website, Google reviews and other locations. The best place to start is by going to your favorite search engine and typing in the name of the company and reviews. This will help you determine whether they are reputable and trustworthy. You should also ask for references, particularly if the online reviews are limited.

More about Swim ‘N Fun
While you can do a lot on your own to keep your pool looking good and ready for you whenever you want, sometimes you might need professional help. In fact, we recommend you have your pool serviced at least once a year just to make sure everything is as it should be. Plus, we are really good at checking your equipment such as filters, pumps, and heating systems for major and minor issues.

Swim ‘N Fun also offers weekly pool maintenance. Our trained pool technicians service the pool by testing the pool water, balancing the water chemistry, skimming the pool, brushing the pool walls, emptying the baskets, vacuuming the pool as needed, cleaning or backwashing the pool filter as needed, and checking the equipment to ensure that it is running properly. Routine pool maintenance helps a pool owner to save money and time. A properly balanced pool will also help keep swimmers safe and healthy.

Swim ‘N Fun is fully licensed and insured and has been serving Central Florida since 1986. Our pool company is ready to help you with any pool repairs that you may need such as repairing a broken pool pump, pool filter, pool vacuum, pool filtration system or pool lights. Our pool technicians will arrive at your home in our fully stocked service trucks. They will evaluate the problem and then make the repair. Many times, an extensive or expensive pool repair is not needed. No job is too big or too small!

We service all major brands. Let us help you with your pool repairs. Please give us a call at 407-699-5588.