29 Mar 2021

Pool Safety

2 children swimming wearing life jackets with parents in background

Summer is quickly approaching and backyard swimming pools will be open! Swim ‘N Fun wants you to enjoy your pool while also keeping children safe. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the leading cause for death in children between 1 and 4 years old is drowning.

Swim ‘N Fun offers these safety tips to help protect children:

•Always watch children near water including by pools and hot tubs
•Teach your child how to swim and know how to swim yourself
•Utilize the buddy system. No one should ever swim alone
•When there is a group of people such as a party or family get together, a water watcher should be assigned. The water watcher should completely focus on those swimming in the pool without distractions such as cell phones, alcohol, or conversations. All adults should take a turn.
•Never leave a child unattended in or near water
•Remove pool toys from the pool when you are finished with them so they are not a temptation for a child
•The only safe personal flotation device for a child that can’t swim, is a device that is approved by the US Coast Guard (a lifejacket). Do not rely on water wings, floaties, or pool noodles as flotation devices. These items are strictly pool toys
•Know CPR
•Always have a phone available
•Learn the signs of drowning

Do you know the signs of drowning?

•Drowning is silent
•A person drowning is vertical or bobbing in the water with the head going up and down
•Arms may be extended laterally
•The head may be low in the water with the mouth at water level
•The head can be tilted back with the mouth open
•Eyes may be closed, glassy, empty, or unable to focus
•Gasping or hyperventilating

With summer quickly approaching pool safety is vitally important. Swim ‘N Fun wants you and your family to enjoy your own pool or that of a friend or family member all while staying safe.

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