Pool, Spa, Hot Tub Automation

Control your pool, spa or hot tub from the palm of your hand!  Remotely set your temperature, lighting, pump and more!

Pool and Spa Automation

Swim ‘N Fun offers automation services for your backyard oasis!

Our technicians can connect your pool or hot tub to your mobile device so from the palm of your hand you can easily adjust your pool settings from anywhere! From pool water temperature to lighting to setting your pool pump to turn on and off, all from your mobile device. It’s that easy!

What are the benefits to automating your swimming pool or hot tub?

With Swim ‘N’ Fun’s automation system, both practicality and convenience are in the palm of your hand. Literally. Because today’s smart control systems can be fully integrated with your mobile device. You’re always in control. Anytime. Anywhere.

· Easy Temperature Maintenance

Gone are the days of manually testing water for temperature. Swim ‘n’ Fun’s automated system will do it for you!

· Complete Remote Control

Control your pool pump, heater, lighting, vacuum system and so much more from your smartphone.

· Multi-System Automation

Expand a little. Connect water leak sensors, lighting, motion sensors, sound systems, and more!

Enjoy your pool or hot tub/spa the way you want, when you want!  Learn more about automation, read our blog entitled “Frequently Asked Questions About Pool and Hot Tub Automation” or check out one of our other blogs entitled “What Does Installing Pool or Hot Tub Automation Include?

Call us at 407-688-5588 and lets get you automated so you can better manage your pool!

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