definition of swimming pool

Are you a new pool owner? Have you been taking care of your pool for years? Either way, owning a pool means that you need to know pool definitions and terminology especially when you need repairs, its easier for you to explain what needs to be fixed.

Swim ‘N Fun can help. Check out our important list of pool terms:
• Acid – This is used to help reduce the pH level in your pool

• Algae – A plant-like organism that contains chlorophyll. It enters the pool from rain or wind. It grows quickly and can turn your pool various colors such as green, black, and yellow, most often green

• Algaecide – This is a chemical used to combat algae

• Automatic pool cleaner – a cleaner that vacuums your pool automatically

• Backwash – Where you clean the filter by reversing the flow of water. This is done to get rid of debris that is in your filter

• Cartridge filter – a filtration method to help keep the water clean

• Chlorine – A pool disinfectant, it can be used in liquid form or tab form. It keeps the pool clean and safe for swimmers

• D.E. filter – a type of filter, this filter can filter out the smallest of particles and is the most effective filtration system. This filter system uses D.E. which is Diatomaceous Earth. This is a white fossil powder which is used in the filter

• Hand skimmer –a screen attached to frame that is on a pole. The skimmer is used to remove debris from the pool such as leaves and bugs. Oftentimes, the skimmer is on a telescopic pole

• Oxidizer – a non-chlorine shocking compound that removes contaminants without raising the chlorine level of the pool

• pH – abbreviation for potential hydrogen. This is used to know the level of acidity or alkalinity of the pool water

• Pool pump – mechanical device that’s purpose is circulation and filtration of the pool water. The pool pump works in tandem with the pool motor.

• Shock – an oxidizing chemical that destroys contaminants such as bacteria and algae in the pool

• What are the different parts of the skimmer? The skimmer is the most vital part of any swimming pool. Most common skimmer parts include the skimmer cover, skimmer baskets, and skimmer weir flap that water flows over

• Gas heaters – while they require more maintenance, a gas heater is lower in cost to purchase. A gas heater is known for heating your pool up quickly despite the temperature outdoors.

• Main drain – there are typically 2 main drains at the bottom of most residential swimming pools. The purpose of these drains is to remove any dirt and debris that sinks to the bottom of the pool. These drains serve as suction devices and aid in keeping the pool clean. There are covers over these drains or grates to prevent people, their hair or other objects from getting trapped in the drain.

Knowing your pool lingo will help when communicating with our pool technicians in the event you need a repair. Our team of highly trained pool maintenance and repair technicians look forward to assisting you with your pool needs. We have been in business since 1986 and serve all of Central Florida. For all of your pool service needs, please contact us at 407-699-5588. We are ready to serve you!