pool contaminants

Do you have red eyes after swimming? Chlorine isn’t the culprit! Chlorine is added to pools in order to balance the water and keep it safe for swimmers. However, if chlorine combines with contaminants such as urine, sweat, poop, sunscreen, dirt, or make-up, it can cause a problem.

How can this cause a problem?

These contaminants will bond with the chlorine and form Chloramine. Chloramine is the culprit behind red eyes and a strong chlorine odor. Another factor that could be contributing to red eyes is a poorly managed pH level. Keeping a pool properly balanced can help keep swimmers and their eyes safe.
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says that health effects associated from Chloramines can include, “respiratory symptoms such as nasal irritation, coughing, and wheezing (especially in those that have asthma), red and itchy eyes, skin irritation, and rashes.”

Why do your eyes turn red?

According to vision doctor, Dr. Arthur Kobayashi, “red eyes occur when blood vessels near the surface of the eye become enlarged and dilated.” He states that “increased exposure to irritants or chemicals may cause your eyes to become irritated.”

How can you prevent Chloramines from forming?
• Use the bathroom before getting in the pool
• Take frequent restroom breaks
• Don’t swim if you are sick or have diarrhea
• Shower before you get in the pool
• Don’t drink or swallow the water
• Don’t urinate in the pool

To help prevent red eyes:
• Don’t swim with contact lenses in
• Wear goggles

If your eyes do become irritated after swimming, then these tips could help:
• Wash your eyes out with water
• Use a cool compress
• Use a saline solution
• Use lubricating eye drops after swimming

Red eyes can be prevented by following the tips above and by keeping the pool chemicals balanced. To remove Chloramines from the water, add a high dose of chlorine and non-chlorine shock to the pool. Re-test to make sure that the pH levels are stable also.

Swim ‘N Fun offers weekly pool maintenance. The trained pool technicians service the pool by testing the pool water, balancing the water chemistry, skimming the pool, brushing the pool walls, emptying the baskets, vacuuming the pool as needed, cleaning or backwashing the pool filter as needed, and checking the equipment to ensure that it is running properly. Routine pool maintenance helps a pool owner to save money and time. A properly balanced pool will also help keep swimmers safe and healthy.

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